Open all accounts with new mail

I've been using X-notifier for months now on Firefox.  I just switched to Chrome last night and was pleased to find that you also have a Chrome extension. :)

One thing I'm missing is the ability to open all accounts with new email.  I'm guessing that the "Open" menu item is supposed to do this, but when I click it nothing happens.

To work round it I've changed the option to automatically open the accounts when I get new mail, so I don't have to click my 7 accounts individually to open them.  I'd much rather have the open function working though, could you have a look at it? 


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A little correction..  

The "Open" menu item does work, but it only opens the default (first) email account when it has new mail. All other accounts are ignored and I need to click each individual account to open them.

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You cannot open all accounts in same webmail at once in Chrome.

It is Chrome's limitation.

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The "Open automatically" option works with multiple accounts though, so it should be possible?  Any plans for implementing it?

'Open automatically' will open new emails as they are checked and found... but clicking the icon to 'open all new' does not do any checking.  What you are suggesting is to have clicking the icon recheck all accounts and open all new email automatically.
That would be repurposing the icon with a rechecking function and an automatic function.
if opening all (already found) were easy, the author would have done it for consistency with other versions.
Just my guesstimage, 2cents.