X-Notifier for Yahoo shows red in Chrome

My X-notifier shows the Yahoo email account in red and no notification of any email messages received. When I click on the Yahoo account in X-notifier Yahoo mail opens up fine.  My concern is how do I fix this so the notifier shows mail received in the Yahoo account?   I have reset the password and get no change.  The notifier works fine for Gmail.

Do you have the latest version of X-Notifier?
Yahoo fixes in both 3.3.13 and 14

Have you tried open a new tab and manually going to  yahoo and logging in to make sure there are no prompts for (something) interfering?


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RpD:  Thanks for the reply.  X-notifier shows red but when I click on the Yahoo selection(which is in red) it takes me to the Yahoo mail page, it is just annoying that the program does not tell me I have new messages.  The version I have is 3314.  I went to Yahoo mail and re-entered my user name and password, went to X-Notifier and did the same so I know they are the same.  I guess I will live with it-When I open X-Notifier I usually go to both Gmail and Yahoo mail.

However, other times it helps to delete the account in X-Notifier Options, restart the browser, and redefine the account.
(Just make sure Yahoo is not prompting for anything... and that means manually logging in by opening browser, opening a new tab, typing in yahoo.com, and logging in... do NOT use X-Notifier accounts to click up a new tab when checking for extraneous prompts.)

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RpD:  Thanks for the suggestions-did not work.  I deleted Yahoo mail for X-Notifier, Signed out of Yahoo Mail, closed browser(Chrome) reopened browser(Chrome), went to Yahoo.com/Mail and logged in to the mail.  Logged into Yahoo Mail fine.  Then went to X-Notifier/Options and added Yahoo Mail back in.  Closed browser, reopened browser check X-Notifier-no change.  Wonder what I am doing wrong here?



I assume is a yahoo.com account, not some other domain.
Is it Yahoo Classic or New Yahoo Mail?
Don't know what to tell you, my 'new' yahoo mail is working fine with X-Notifier.
You could try cleaning cookies and cache and restart?

Note that a new version of X-Notifier (for Chrome) has been released that includes a fix for 'basic Yahoo'... 3.3.15

Thought that thread was just for yahoo.jp

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I think no problem with Window and .com

BUT, have problem Mac and .com

I did create log on each Safari, Opera and Chrome.

I find out that Chrome do NOT save log at all.
I already report Tobwithu, I hope he fixes for next version on Chrome.

Anyway thanks for take notice on .jp only.