Works poorly with yahoo accounts

Emailed the creator of this app several times and to date no solution has been gotten. The responses I have gotten were to send him the logs but no instructions on how to do so and no instructions on where to find logs at. This app has been an ongoing problem from day one that I added it 2 yrs ago. Specifically, when I click on a yahoo mail account, it will open a mail account in yahoo other than what I clicked on e.g. 2 yahoo mail accts in settings... and, c;lick on janeb and it opens joeb. I have to go to options and disable one yahoo acct in order to check the other remaining acct.

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I am monitoring 5 Yahoo accounts in additiona to 15 Gmail and 6 Hotmail, not inclucing facebook, linkedIn and others and I do not see a problem.


Maybe you can give us a screenshot on your setting screens and what browser you are using.


I can tell you checking in Opera is not the same as Firefox.  It takes longer in Opera and not all of my accounts get checked.


X-Notifier works fine with my Yahoo, generally.  I think the Mozilla version (Firefox, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey) works better than the Chrome, Opera, Safari version, perhaps especially for multiple accounts with one provider. X-Notifier also has to constantly update (program/scripts) to keep up with the changes that the email providers make to their login procedures.

You can find the log procedure here (bottom of post) from the FAQ forum...

Just keep a dialog going within the forum and most all problems are addressed/fixed.