Gobbledegook attached to name

Somehow a page of  gobbledegook has been attached to the name of my X-notifier in the extensions part of Chrome (Version 33.0.1750.117 m). Even when I try to uninstall (and reinstall) my uninstall attempt is thwarted because the box containing the name is so long it extends below the bottom of the page, so I cannot confirm the uninstall. Furthermore even though I've now deleted the x-notifier folder Chrome won't allow me to install a new copy.


Appears that something's gotten corrupted.  Perhaps you could clean cache/cookies, but it may be better to uninstall and reinstall Chrome itself.  If you have Chrome settings/extensions synced to your Gmail account... they may be restored when you 'sign in' to your account with Chrome's sign-in... hopefully it hasn't synced the corruption as well.