Opera 12.16.1860 - Slow in checking and not all acounts checked

I recently began playing with Opera and I had to have XN....just cannot live with XN at this point.  LOL

Once I installed the XN addon, I imported my Firefox settings.  I noticed that Firefox and Opera addon work different, not a problem since they are two different browsers.  BUt what is weird is that it is really slow when it checks my different mail accounts.  What is even worse is that all of the accounts are not checked.  This problem is not specific to either GMAIL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, RSS,....it is all of the accounts. I have tried rechecking several times with same results.  Unfortunately by clicking on the account, I was hoping it would open that mail but it just opens the verified account of either Hotmail, Gmail, ....

Has anyone else experienced this or does Opera have limits on how many accounts can be checked?


Yes...using latest update: Opera addon - 3.3.12


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Opera does not have APIs for cookie handling. (Firefox and Chrome have).When you check multiple accounts, X-notifier repeats  login and logout.
That is why it's slow in Opera.

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Suggestion....How about an option to NOT check the e-mail at startup for Opera but check it if you click on the link?

I much rather have the ability to select the mail I want to check vs the addon only check a few and I can't get to the other ones.


Currently XN addon is checking 46 accounts which includes Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail/Facebook/and others and they all work fine in Forefox.  But in Opera, it is a different story.


Did you know that you can download the (Chrome) crx version to the latest version (19) of Opera?
It seems to work.

@Tobwithu:   Is the crx version "appropriate" for current (15 and newer) versions of Opera?
Perhaps you should add a crx download option/(instructions) for newer versions of Opera on... http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com ??

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That's Opera Next, based on Chromium/Blink, the rendering engine Google forked from Webkit (starting from Opera 15), which in turn Apple forked (for Safari) from KHTML, a project of KDE (K Desktop Environment for Linux/Unix, based on Nokia's QT-toolkit).

Opera 12.16 is Opera's original Presto version, which is lighter and also available in Opera Mobile version and derived Opera Mini version, written in Java/C++.

It is said Opera will drop their Presto version. But that's not the case as of yet. Guess it will take some time/effort to develop a lighter version of Opera Next suitable for mobile.

I am using Opera Next (currently 20.0) as my main browser with XN crx version for quite some time now (a year I guess), next to Firefox. The only XN drawback for me is multiple Google accounts. It is still lighter than Chrome in my experience.

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RpD...using a portable version of Opera only to synch up the bookmarks with my mobile.  Otherwise I am in Firefox majority of the time.

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