Ads bouncing all over the screen

I have ads bouncing all over my screen when xnotifier is enabled in chrome.

Is there any fix?

I like xnotifier but will disable it if I can't get rid of these ads.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

The superfish box is unchecked in all of the email accounts as well.

'bouncing all over'???
Do you mean that you have pop-up ads outside of the Chrome browser... or banner ads inside the browser?

Most of us (I think rather obviously) do not have ads bouncing all over (or hardly anyone would use it)... particularly when Superfish is UNchecked.  I know you said you have UNchecked it, but... I'd say something is not right in your particular installation. Which browser version are you running... and what version of X-Notifier?
- Also... you do -not- have to UNcheck Superfish for each account... it's a 'global' setting... check or uncheck it, one time, for all of X-Notifier.  If you find it keeps appearing checked, with each account you add... then it's not working as it should, not saving the UNchecked setting.

I have X-Notifier installed on Chrome, Opera, and Safari 6.x ...and I don't have any trouble with ads or Superfish.
You might look to see if the Superfish checkbox remains UNchecked... and if you have any security software or cleaners that might be blocking/removing X-Notifier settings.  If all else fails, I would export my accounts from X-Notifier, Options... uninstall (removing user data)/reinstall X-Notifier, add one example account and test again... if it works, import your saved accounts.  If problem returns after importing, then uninstall(remove data)/reinstall and rebuild accounts from scratch.

We can only guess at what's happening/troubleshooting, without further description.


Chrome 32.0.1700.107

x-Notifier 3.3.12

I checked my control panel for programs that should not be there and bingo!

There were two programs that must have slid in when dowloading another program:

Better Browse & weDownload Manager (get rid of these programs)

So glad to know it had nothing to do with using x-Notifier and Chrome.  x-Notifier is absolutely the best extension ever.  Thank you!