Script Fix for YouTube

Can we please have the script for YouTube fixed?



What problem symptoms do you have with YouTube?

Mine seems to be checking alright (and I can click the X-Notifier account to open my YouTube account in a new tab)... although I don't get many messages from there. 
Google notes that most messages will go through Google+ instead of YouTube now.

And p.s. Jeroen, I have two YouTube accounts, but only one channel each, I guess. HA! Oh well... you multi-channerlers... good luck >;}

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@RpD: With only one YouTube Channel the YouTube script works.
Possibly however trueblue has multiple YouTube Channels configured, like I have...

His post is for Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Here, with multiple channels, the account click gives you the popup for channel choice. So Inbox check gets stuck there.

With Firefox the account click gives you to the main (google account) channel.

Also see my request for YouTube considering YouTube Channels: