Trouble with Deviant Art checking??

Anyone else having trouble with X-Notifier checking for new email with Deviant Art script (2013-08-19) ??
Not working for me in Chrome or Firefox.

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You trust Tobwithu...

Why don't you give your REAL not working account... to Tobwithu...

So he can playing with not working account...

In other word, you can cut it down "Wild-Goose Chase",
by give your REAL account to Tobwithu... instead of asking other people...

As you know TOBWITHU REAL LOVE "not working account(s)!"


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I just wanted to check if anyone else noticed a problem, first... otherwise, the problem is solely on MY machine and not necessary to bother Tobwithu (who might have his own deviantart account, I don't know).

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As you know Gmail account, all are NOT same, for example

Gmail account works fine in Korea, Japan... I NEVER see any problem happen to me either to Korea.

That why Tobwithu need "not working account" other part of world.

YES, I know Tobwithu HAVE devianart account, and somebody give him test account long time ago.

It must be working fine (I guess/assume).

Other example what I did...

I just give my "not working account" to Tobwithu without any ask other people on forum, and he fixed it with in 3 hours.


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It must not be of that much importance to me.
I mostly use it to click the X-N account to open a tab to, logged in ...rather than check for messages.
Interesting how I have a bazillion bookmarks and use only a very few.  Much like the junk one carts around in life.

Some days are not like others.