hotmail problem

Can't get X-notifier to check my Hotmail email account.

Is this a brand new setup or has your x-notifier/hotmail worked in the past?

Any other accounts?  Any of them working?

FFox version? X-Notifier version?


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Brand new set up.

As CFB pointed out (below)...  well...    (guess I have too much time on my hands)...
-- Anyway, as a "brand new setup", I guess we'll have to assume you have THE latest Firefox version (24.0, in Windows, and not some 'beta' version), and THE latest 3.3.9 version of X-Notifier... and you are setting up a hotmail account within the domain of ...(and -no- other accounts, so we can't know of -anything- is working).
So first... you have gone to X-Notifier 'Options' and selected the 'Hotmail' script from the drop down list at top left of the Options window Accounts tab...  
 - Then, for 'Username',  you entered your FULL hotmail address (somebody, and then entered your hotmail account password in the Password box.
 - Next, you reviewed the checkboxes under the optional Alias box (just a label) and 'checked' them appropriately, and...
 -- THEN you CLICKED the "ADD" button... placing the account in the list of defined accounts on the right side of the Options window (and it should have a checkmark in the box on left of the listed entry... which denotes 'enabled').
---  Lastly, you clicked "OK".

At this point, X-Notifier should begin checking your hotmail account... and render either no visible signs of new mail, or, a numeric badge showing the count of new hotmail in your Inbox.  (And you don't have any filters in hotmail stuffing them into subfolders.)
IF, however, there's a 'problem' of some sort... when you hover your mouse pointer over the X-Notifier envelope icon, it will pop-up a tooltip showing "Hotmail: not checked" in red... and if you right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon,  a pop-up list of accounts shows your Hotmail account in gray, rather than the normal black.  If it IS shown in black and there's no red "not checked" when you hover the envelope icon... then the assumption is that X-Notifier had no trouble checking.  You can always right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon and then click "Check Now" to cause X-Notifier to run a check outside of the normal check interval.

If you manually go to the Hotmail website and verify you have new -unread- email in your inbox... but X-Notifier does not detect it... if you have other add-ons besides X-Notifier... you could disable all -but- X-Notifier and restart Firefox, to see if there's some conflict between add-ons preventing X-Notifier from checking properly.  If X-Notifier suddenly works, showing new mails, then enable add-ons one at a time, and 'Check Now' each time, to see if there's a conflict.

I'm tempted to include some pagan rituals for 'brand new setups', but I'll stop now >;}... and await your confirmation or next other-than-brief response  (sorry ;) ).


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Mac(CFB use)? Window(RpD use)?

X-notifier 3.3.6(mozilla site)? or 3.3.9( site)?

Firefox version? Chrome version? Opera version?

 Other account

Yahoo works?

AOL works?

Gmail works?