Not working in Safari v6.1

I updated this morning and Safari extension does not work

I uninstalled and reinstalled but it did not change anything.

Mac OS X v10.8.5 / Safari v6.1 (8537.71)

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I know I did refuse to update to Safari version 7.0

BUT, I did allowed update from 6.0.5 to 6.1, because of security update, BUT I am TOTAL WRONG!

I can NOT do revert by Time machine or anything else. Apple do NOT allowed me to do it.

It only way is reinstall WHOLE OS-X and update to 6.0.5 ONLY, but I will not do it.

Therefore I am ROAYL SCREW-UP by APPLE!

SO, WARNING anybody who will update Safari 6.0.5 to 6.1 or 7, DON'T.

I guess Tobwithu buy WHOLE bottle of Aspirin, and fix and solved this #@&%.

I guess we will use Firefox/Chrome/Opera for now?

Thanks, CFBancroft

FYI from Apple website...


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BUT, Safari 6.1 come with Sidebar.

I hope that Tobwithu able to include X-notifier Sidebar, just alike Firefox!

If possbile, then my dream come TRUE!

Thanks, CFBancroft


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I did update from Safari 6.0.5 to 6.1, it works fine,
I suppose Safari 7.0 also works, I did not test it ...
I THANKS to Tobwithu for wonderful WORK!

You can download from