Not working with Safari?

I am new to mac, and came from windows.  I am able to get x-notifier to work in Firefox on mac, but not in Safari.  Is there an issue? I get the icon in the tool bar, but it is greyed out. When i click on it, i have the 3 options, but clicking on them does nothing.  Any ideas?



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I have problem alike you did...

What I did?

First of all, I want you to MAKE SURE correct user name and password on X-notifer.

Second, you access to email homepage WITHOUT X-notifier.

Safari will  ask you do you want to save password in Keychain? (you click "ok or yes")

Do it other your email address repeat until all your email are done.

Quit Safari, and click open Safari again, I hope X-notifier will act it up alright.

Sometime one or two, still not working and rest are work fine.

Then you need repeat again. See above "Second,..."
and click "ok or yes". and quit and click open once more time
and it will complete working all your email on Safari with X-notifier.

Myself I like Firefox, because it support POP and IMAP.

Safari use for my wife. (without support POP and IMAP)

I am Mac user since 1984!