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  The issue I have is with In my Chrome bar at the top I have the X-notifier Icon which contains my accounts for email. All of them are in black except for "" which is in red and I don't get my emails counted. If I click on the red lettering Yahoo mail opens, but as I said nothing gets counted so I am assuming that the "red yahoo" is not right. It is supposed to be blck like the rest of the clients, Outlook, Gmail, and Cogeco. They are all in black and they count my un-opened emails. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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When you click the red account and Yahoo mail opens... does it log you into your inbox?
If you're logged in then it means that your password is probably entered correctly in the X-Notifier account definition, but... if it just dumps you at the login screen for Yahoo mail, then your password in the X-Notifier account definition may be incorrect.

Otherwise, you might read the Support FAQ:

I would clear cookies first... or possibly just delete the problem account, restart browser, and re-add acccount may be a simpler fix.

At your own risk... as I'm just guesstimating here for Chrome (I'm not having a problem with Yahoo in Chrome):
- Chrome cookie access is more complex than Firefox.  You can find cookies by... clicking the menu icon (three horizontal lines at right end of menu bar), then click Settings... scroll down, click 'Show advanced settings' ...under 'Privacy', click 'Content settings' button, then click 'All cookies and site data' button... and then you can enter: the Search box.  
- You will probably get several different heading listings, but (I'm guessing) it appears the one to delete is the simplest name:  ...which may contain about 15 cookies, which look similar to the ones in Firefox/Thunderbird (AO, B, F, PH, SSL, T, Y, YLS).  Note:  You can click the '' listing and it will list the cookies... you can click each cookie and it will show more data (and there will be a 'Remove' button for the individual cookie). However...  If you just put your mouse pointer over the original '' listing, there will be an 'X' out to the right that you can click to delete all those cookies in just the '' listing.  Your decision.