Clicking hotmail link doesn't bring up inbox


It seems that Hotmail have just changed their redirection scripts because when I click the hotmail link, I am redirected firstly to:

... and this then redirects to:

It sucks because there's no link in there to my inbox. My best option is to go to, but who can be bothered typing into their address bar? ;)

The notifier still works, it's just if I want to open my inbox that it fails.



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This happened to me exactly the same way today when using my Chromebook at school, but when I returned home to my Windows desktop pc I found normal operation of x-notifier using Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers to open my Hotmail inbox. I assumed Microsoft was being cranky with my choice to use the Chrome OS, but I will check it out again Monday when I return to campus where I rely on the Chromebook.

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Sometimes corporate systems trying to pass a message results in a faulty implementation.

If I remember right, something like this happened to me, and it took me a while, but either I dug around, or finally noticed a small sentence saying something required my attention.  Perhaps a billing notice.

So... just saying... look at the page you're redirected to, and the details/settings of your account to see if anything requires attention... billing, etc.  Or it may be some odd server update not quite right... which may eventually clear itself.
Not sure X-Notifier could fix it, if it's only one or a few users... until it rolls out to more/all.
If it's not happening to Tobwithu, the developer... he'd have to see an account that had the problem.


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Also if I remember right... I had to do a manual login to see the prompt helped figure out the problem.

Open a new tab manually (not with X-Notifier), then go to or and see if you get a normal login procedure (log into your account).

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Logged onto campus wifi with my Chromebook this morning and instead of redirection my hotmail inbox opened when I clicked the hotmail link.

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one of my hotmail...
not checking...
So I do manually open Hotmail...
and I got legal notice policy update and accept agreement.
After that X-notifier start working again.

That what RpD talk about, see above.

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Yes, it was something like that, which I couldn't remember.

Thanks for letting us all know... probably fix a lot of logins... (if they look into it, manually).