X-Notifier no longer works on mac

Hey, X-notifier (Safari) does not work more on two of my mac's I've tried to install them again, but no luck? can anyone help

It became uninstalled in Safari and i'm on a macbook, osx 10.9.4. It works great in firefox for me and i don't have it installed on chrome, so I don't know about how it works on chrome. I use Safari on my macbook because it's setup to use less battery than firefox. Firefox of course has better add-ons, so i use it from time to time.

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Same here: it was working on Safari (on Mac) until yesterday. Today Safari crashed when I opened and I restarted it, it came without Xnotifier extension. I downloaded the installation file (.dmg) again, tried to install and Safari crashes again. Just doesn't work.

Someone know about it? This extension is great! :) and can't stop working!!! It's too useful!

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Fixed in 3.4.9

Thank you for the quick fix, it's working great in Safari now.

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Still crashing on my mac :-/

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Thank you tobwithu!

I just downloaded the newest version (3.4.9) and could install it successfully!

Safari version: 7.0.6
OS X: 10.9.4