script not working always red

I don't think I am doing this wrong.  I download and save it.  I open OPTIONS, ... and click SCRIPTS button, .. click ADD button, point to the .js file, and click OK.  Select from drop down menu, fill in user ID and p/w and click save.  Still  stays red and will not log into account.


any help appreciated.

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It appears something has changed at

Whereas I used to have trouble with it on Chrome, it now seems to fail with Firefox version also.... when I click the account to open a new tab to my inbox, I'm taken to the logOUT page... as noted by the address in the location bar.

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This issue was posted on the FB page on 7/17 with no response.

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Before I use X-notifier... I did manually check directly... I got...

"Dear member, our system has detected irregular activity related to your account. We suspect that someone else may have accessed your account. As a precautionary measure, we have blocked your account. To regain access, please change your password now! "

Before I did use

8 to 40 characters...
letter and numbers...
lower and uppercase leters...

I did update with "special characters" ( I have not done that before.)

I got no luck with X-notifier... { with }

So I did send 5 sample of photos and two logs to Tobwithu for review...

Thanks, CFBancroft



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Getting that 'irregular activity' warning also (after I log in with correct password)... when I go to to manually log in.

I'm suspicious that they just want to force everyone to use stronger passwords, after that last OpenSSL vulnerability scare.

Their requirements are the four main characteristics which force 'brute force guessing' as the only way to hack... Capitals, lowercase, numbers, and special characters ...(as well as longer length).


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Are we even working on this? Still not working.

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I've sent a test account for script updating.

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Hopefully this gets fixed soon!  The current script doesn't work on firefox or chrome.

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All three of my accounts are unusable today (nothing to do with X-Notifier).  I can't login directly on the login page, they claim I've entered an 'invalid combination' for email/password.  There is something wrong with, in my opinion.

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  It's because notifier keeps trying to log in incorectly, you've been locked out for 24 hrs. Dissable notifier and re-loggin in 24 hrs.

RpD's picture is not totally competent, typical corporate apathy.
When I was changing my password, they should have noted the lockout... they didn't even accept any password changes even though it said "password changed!"... I switched back to my old password and it works (after 24 hours).

Whatever was the problem, it appears corrected now... two accounts started working by themselves... only one did I have to correct.  I can't blame X-Notifier for any of that.

CFBancroft's picture 2014-07-28 that is latest version.

Did you (XN user) download script recently?

It solved problem, Thank you Tobwithu for update scripts.

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Old script named "mailcom"
New script named "" (added "." period between mail . com)

That why did not notice updated...
You need to download script
remove OLD mailcom script (without "." ) (before you remove old, to make sure you remember the password?)
Then install NEW (with ".")
and you need to re-define your email address and password with new

I did ask and for some reason Tobwithu did not explain why add period "." on

BUT it solved anyway...

Thanks, CFBancroft


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I believe I was notified that new script was available.... by the X-Notifier script checker.
I don't remember a "mailcom" script (no ".").  Perhaps that was older old script. ;)

my script is working correctly now.