Yahoo Issue

I have noticed that X-Notifier for Chrome performs differently than it does in Firefox. I have no issues with it in Firefox, however in Chrome this is the problem.

Starting with version 3.3.12, 3.3.13, and 3.3.14. I have 3 Yahoo accounts, when I am notified of email in more than one of the accounts at the same time, the counter does not reset when checking the second account. In fact as soon as you click on the second account to read your mail, it logs in to that account and X-Notifier will "Notify" you again that you have mail in the account you just logged into and the counter does not reset. Only after clicking on the same account again does the counter reset. None of these issues are present in the Firefox version.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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I am not sure if it solve problem with  "counter reset"... but try update to 3.3.15?

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The problem as listed above is still present in version 3.4.1. Firefox version works fine.