My name is  Zoe Zhang, I'm chinese and sorry for my english.

Is it possible to have the script for the

The address of the mailbox is'

Saving your presence, I'm a programer, and I'm curious about how to write the script.

Can you tell me how to write it and give me the API?

And I can help you to write the scripts if I get it.

No it does not matter

Thank you first.


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If you want me to write the script :

If you want to write the script :

Other scripts are good example.

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when I tried to donate to you it kept asking for my "county" but when I used the drop down it only gives me counties in Great Britain. I live in the US so I can't donate to you if you don't let me.


Joe Cowan

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Joe, to donate from the US,  you should use the drop-down menu next to the "Donate" button to set US Dollars (USD) and then you can select United States (and the selections will change to City, State ...instead of County of Europe).  It's not about 'letting' you... just need to make the currency selection first.

Also... you shouldn't post your email addresses online because spammers 'harvest' email addresses everywhere they're posted in public... then  you'll get massively more spam as your address gets sold/transferred among spammers.
You can 'edit' your post here to remove address.

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Any updates of scripts about

The yahoo China email services will be closed and all data will be transferred to, so the demand will be eager.

Please write the script.


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See the last two sentences of this post...

Admin needs an account username/password (sent to ...not posted here) in order to write a -custom- script for various ISP providers of the world. (You can change the password after the script is written.)

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Thank you for reminding , I really careless.