eBay script may need updating

ebay script dated 2018-06-15 on X-n 42.16 on Chrome and MS Edge Beta and X-n Reloaded 3.5.26 on WF 56.2.14 shows red and clicking on it takes me to eBay login page. After login, rechecking X-n (& Reloaded) still shows red. Clicking on eBay again on Chrome & Edge Beta takes me to login screen again but on WF taked me to my eBay Inbox.

X-Notifier Developer says they've added some additional protection to the eBay login procedure and he hasn't found a way around it so that X-Notifier could login and check for new email.

So, for the time being, it looks like eBay joins Twitter and LinkedIn in the dead script graveyard.  

Perhaps some other day, those three old scripts (Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay) can be solved, but don't hold your breath.