Scripts Not Accessible on Firefox Since 2019-May Certificate Date Snafu

Ever since the snafu Mozilla created in early 2019-May with the certificate expiriation date issue I have not been able to get X-notifier to work properly on Firefox Quantum V.66.0.3.  I seemingly have successully reinstalled it numerous times. However, on the Options screen (see below) the Scripts button does not appear, and the loaded scripts list is completely blank.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled X-notifier numerous times, including closing the browser and rebooting the computer during some of the attempts.

Does anyone know what might be causing this and more importantly how to resolve this problem?  Thanks!



First, your screenshot did not come through in post (at least not for me).
Second, the Scripts button went away with version 4.x of XN (in anticipation of FF 57) as at that time we could no longer load custom scripts... however, the drop-down list of embedded scripts should still be there.
Click "Gmail" (or the down-arrow) at top of left panel of X-Notifier Options.
I am running FF 66.0.3 with XN 4.2.11 working fine. FF 66.0.4 is available now.
[EDIT:  Well, it was working until FF decided all but one of my addons "could not be verified for use".  They were disabled, and moved out of "Extensions" to "Unsupported", including X-Notifier.]
[EDIT:  Just updated to FF 66.0.4 ...and my 'unsupported' extensions are back and working again.]

Thanks for the response RpD!  Not sure why I cannot get the screenshot to stay - it would appear in my draft but vanish every time I posted.  I am trying again here but expect the same disappearing act.

I have updated to FF 66.0.4, but that does not seem to have resolved this issue.  X-Notifier V.4.2.11 is installed, but on the Options screen the drop down list of imbedded scripts is still completely blank [i.e. No Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or anything else listed].   I haven't rebooted the computer yet foloowing the FF update, but did reboot it a couple days ago after the most recent Windows update.

I also use google Chrome and the Options screen works perfectly over there, so I know exactly what you are referring to.

Firefox released another version... relates to addon issue...
...but maybe updating can help your problem.

Well, a blank script list is very odd... and seems like something got corrupted.
If it was me, I would export accounts, uninstall XN (if it asks, let it delete everything), clear cache and cookies (at least for xnotifier), restart the browser and try to install XN again (run with admin privilege)... then before anything else go to Options and check the script list.  And import accounts, and check script list. Something got glitched somewhere for the script list to be blank. Persistence pays.
If that doesn't do it, I'd try a new user profile in Firefox.