yahoo icon reappears, but mail still not checked

After it disappeared quite a while ago the Yahoo icon has reappeared next to Yahoo when the x-notifier is opened, but x-notifier does not poll the Yahoo mail inbox. This happened today in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. In all if I click on  Yahoo when I open x-notifier it opens the inbox. When can we expect that the normal service of also polling the Yahoo mail inbox that was a feature of x-notifier for many years will resume ?

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My condition is still the same, the icons are gray.


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Good that you got your Yahoo favorite icon (favicon.ico) back... as you noticed, it is 'dimmed', account name gray, email not checked.
X-Notifier version for Firefox, workaround for now is to use the IMAP script to access/check Yahoo... but clicking the IMAP definition does not auto-log you into your inbox.  You can, however, when you define the IMAP script for Yahoo... place the URL address for the login page in the "Link" box... so when you click Yahoo on the X-Notifier drop-down menu of accounts, it will at least go to the login page.
Unfortunately, there is also an anomaly with checking Yahoo via the IMAP script... if no new emails, it will report zero, but... if there is new email, the count will be one larger (one too many).  However... Jeroen has edited the IMAP script and fixed this... and you can add his IMAP script as a 'custom' script. See this link...
Otherwise, apparently we will have to wait for an X-Notifier update.

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======= EDITED =======

Better use the Inbox page:
Classic interface -
New interface     -
This will throw you back to the Login page when not being logged in.

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When I click on Yahoo with or without the icon in the drop down window it opens the Inbox page and this has been so during the whole Yahoo not working time period. The advantage of x-notifier has always been that you didn't need to open mailboxes manually to see if there was any mail since it notified you when mail arrived. I still have that functionality with Thunderbird's own functionality. I hope that eventually x-notifier can have that browser functionality for Yahoo restored.

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That's what we're all waiting for... an update to the program to fix Yahoo notification, since the script is embedded within it, and not just a custom script.  
So, in the meantime, I provided info... if you want new email notification to work, then use IMAP script workaround...
...if you'd rather be able to click right into your Inbox with one click, then remain with the crippled embedded script which no longer provides you with a new email count... until that stops working too, perhaps.
For some, the embedded Yahoo script is still notifying us of new email... so if the developer's account is also still working... he can't very well fix it, unless someone provides him with a login for a broken account (to however, don't expect a quick fix as he seems to be very busy in real life right now.