Script-button is gone

I've been atempting to add webmail to my list of mails but i cant find the add-script button that used to be in the options. Has the way you add new scripts changed or something? Or is there something wrong?

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Hi Mumrik,
X-notifier 4 won't let you add scripts.
You have to downgrade to version 3.5.23 (and disable automatic update) in order to add mail accounts by external script.

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Thank you! I got it up and running again! Though i dont know how to turn off the automatic update (Where/how do i do that?)

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On the Firefox menubar, click Tools  (or, on the FF toolbar, farthest to the right, there is an icon of three horizontal bars (the 'hamburger') for the FF menu) ...then click Add-ons, then find X-Notifier, andd click "More", then scroll down to the bottom, find 'Automatic updates', and click the circle for 'Off'.